Longing for My Eternal Home

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Longing for My Eternal Home To say that 2020 was easy and “smooth sailing” would not be honest or truthful; at least not coming from my perspective. What I can say is Jesus was right here with me through the storm that all of us have felt to one degree or another. I learned quite […]

A Mother Never Forgets

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A mother never forgets, a mother always loves… As a mother, my deepest desire is that I will instill in my children godly wisdom, a hunger for truth, and a love for the Lord; my youngest son is just beginning that journey.  God blessed me with three beautiful sons of my own, as well as […]

A New Decade – A Whole New Musical Journey

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For Such A Time As This… With 2020 already well underway, we are also underway into a brand new decade. Later this summer, another milestone marker in my own life will be crossed – turning 50 years old! There are many ways in which people react when hitting any milestone in their life. I can […]

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