The First Born of A Mother’s Heart

FIrst Born Son

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First Born… When I look back after all these years, it’s hard to believe that my firstborn son is now all grown up in his early 30’s. It seems like it was only yesterday (as I was a young mother only eighteen years old) when I held my newborn child in my arms. Here was […]

The Next Generation of Musicians

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The Next Generation… As parents, we always wish and hope that our children will fare better in this life than we did; we want them to excel beyond mere hopes and dreams. Through the years, I have seen all three of my sons (and a step-son) excel with exceptional musical abilities. I am quite blessed […]

Jesus – The Ride Share Driver

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  Jesus Takes the Wheel Most people (Christian or not) are somewhat aware that Christians are to be Christ-like and should reflect Christ in their day to day lives. Now, perhaps you questioned my intent by the title of this blog and thought I was mocking my Lord and Savior by titling this blog, Jesus […]

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