Delivered From Mandela Hell

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If I ascend up into heaven, thou art there: if I make my bed in hell, behold, thou art there. Psalm 139:8

Delivered from Hell…

Ask any musician where their inspiration comes from, and most times, they will tell you about a personal story or some other circumstance they’d endured. In 2016 I would descend into ‘Mandela Hell,’ and it would only be by the grace of God that He came and delivered me from it. This particular hell Jesus walked with me through has been termed: The Mandela Effect, or The Quantum Effect. I would later coin my deliverance as being delivered from Mandela Hell.

My journey into the world of Contemporary Christian music started with the tragic death of my brother in 1984. From there, God has walked me through many earthly hells, and with such deliverance’s, a song usually was birthed from that painful experience; The Mandela Effect was the birthing ground for several songs that are on my second and third albums. 

In May of 2016, I would descend into Mandela Hell for three months; please take caution if you have never heard of The Mandela Effect/The Quantum Effect and doing research of any kind. By doing my own extensive research, it is my personal belief that it quite possibly is a Psy-Ops at a much higher level. 

The Mandela Effect also crosses over into mainstream Christianity, and it’s tenents and views take on forms of witchcraft as well as having cult-like tendencies. Christians need to take great caution when researching The Mandela Effect and always put on the full armor of God (Eph 6:11). 

The Mandela Effect, with the most basic and straightforward explanation, is the belief that physical matter is being altered or changed supernaturally, and these changes are fluid and ongoing. This effect would include (but are not limited to) various physical & virtual objects, such as movie titles, movie lines, & product labels, to name a few. The effect would also involve the ongoing changing of words in the pages of books, bibles, encyclopedias, & concordances. Since many physical books, newspapers, and movies have now been made available by way of the internet, it would include them as well. In determining when these changes started, most would state within the last several years. Still, others claim these changes date as far back as ancient manuscripts — thereby altering reality and history as we know it. 

The theory behind this phenomenon (that some hold too) is that physical matter is ever-changing due to multi-universes colliding; one universe similar to our present world is believed to be crashing into our current one. These changes to our current reality & history can not be stopped – despite any solid pieces of evidence shown to the contrary.

Does this sound like a good sci-fi movie or novel? If you said yes, you’d be correct; this has the makings of an excellent sci-fi movie. This narrative of quantum entanglement has already been made into movies and hit series like Quantum Leap that ran from the late eighties to the early nineties. The hit series The X-Files featuring Mulder and Scully caught wind of The Mandela Effect, & the show devoted one entire episode to it. The theory appeared in season 11, episode 4, ‘The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat,’ that aired January 2018. 

Because I am an X-Files fan, I watched that particular episode when it aired, and as far as Sci-Fi plots go, it was quite entertaining. It was a goofy episode that hinged on the idea that Reggie wasn’t quite right in the head, & that he didn’t remember specific events correctly. In a way, it mocked the die-hard disciples who believe this is happening whole heartily.

Within the Mandela Effect world, there are two groups that I have personally seen. The first is strictly secular, who believe movie lines and product labels have changed, and so forth. Many, in this first group, think that we live in a multi-universe, even though such thought is only a theory at best and has not been proven with any real scientific facts. Usually, these adherents rarely claim to be Christian and tend to keep religion or spirituality out of it. 

Maybe you think this is all harmless or just another conspiracy theory, and what harm could this have on people and society at large? Well, there is the 2nd group to The Mandela Effect that is quickly picking up speed, and it includes those adherents who profess to be born again believers in Jesus Christ. It is this group of Mandela Effect believers, which is the most serious and the most dangerous to true biblical Christianity. 

This group should cause any believer in Jesus Christ, to walk with extreme caution. When the secular group tries to merge with born again Christians, you have a severe problem. The first thing a Christian will be told (who is being introduced to The Mandela Effect) is that their bible has now been changed. By stating that the bible is supernaturally evolving, and it’s all part of the Anti-Christ system, it takes away a Christian’s armor in fighting against Satan. The bible is a Christian’s sword in all areas of life. This fact alone should ring warning bells to any believer in Christ. It was at this stage where I fell into Mandela Hell in 2016.

I was already back into music full time, writing, and creating my songs when I read an article on social media alerting me to The Mandela Effect. Not knowing what this was, I thought I could find the truth about it on YouTube. You will find truth online; you will also find much more that is simply all lies. There are a wide variety of explanations as to what The Mandela Effect is. Among the vast array of conspiracy theory videos and articles out there, were videos telling me the bible had also been affected by The Mandela Effect. What this meant is that the Scripture I loved & held as the final authority, and God’s inspired words, were not preserved as God had promised. If a Christian falls for this lie, it gets them to stop reading and trusting in their bible. 

Seeing the various videos on YouTube telling me my bible had been changed, ripped my whole world apart. I believed that I no longer had God’s word in the pages of my bible, and it was devasting. I cried and cried as I felt like I was alone with no way for the written word to protect me; It shattered my faith. I have counseled many other people just like me, that were deceived by this (who are now set free), and the devastation is very real, and this is a serious problem. I ended up believing this Mandela Effect lie and became a disciple of it and even taught it for three months from June – Aug 2016. To my shame, I also never grew up as a KJV, only reader.

What I soon came to realize is the claims were mostly all against the King James Version Bible. Of course, adherents of the effect would claim that all bible versions had changed, such as in Isaiah 11:6. They would argue that the verse no longer said, the lion will lay down with the lamb, but how it now says, the wolf lies down with the lamb. The actual verse in the KJV Bible says: The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them. There is no mention of the first animal in this verse (which is a wolf) lying down at all; rather, it says the wolf will DWELL with the lamb. They always seem to forget to mention all the other animals that are also mentioned in that verse and the following three verses. Also, every other translation out there (English or otherwise) all say wolf and not lion.

Isaiah 11:6 is among the most common misquoted passages in the bible, along with ‘spare the rod and spoil the child,’ which is also NOT in any bible translation. Yet, people who have listened to sermon titles, see pictures, or listen to their pastors (who may have also quoted the passage wrong), believe these misquotations are a part of Scripture. It simply is not true. 

In doing my own research into this effect, I found that most of The Mandela Effect claims were only towards and about words in the KJV Bible; no other translation has been so severely attacked as the KJV. You may want to stop and ask yourself, WHY??? If all translations are the Word of God, why didn’t I see hundreds of videos claiming the NIV, NKJV, ESV, translations, etc. were now affected by The Mandela Effect? What I saw was that it was ONLY the KJV translation that The Mandela Effect attacked. It was because of this fact that I started to research the KJV translation, in addition to the research I had already started on The Mandela Effect. I now firmly believe that the KJV bible is the one God preserved (just as Psalm 12:6-7 promised) for the English speaking people.

Now, four years later, thinking back on those three months, if I had only read those two passages from the KJV, I might have been spared that time in Mandela Hell.

The words of the LORD are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times. Thou shalt keep them, O LORD, thou shalt preserve them from this generation for ever. Psalm 12:6-7

The masses have viewed sci-fi movies now for decades. Shows like Star Wars, Star Trek, and Quantum Leap have all introduced these science fiction ideas into the minds of millions. The Mandela Effect takes science fiction ideas (that are only science fiction or theory at best) and calls it truth, claiming it is now a reality. That’s decades worth of possible mind control programming to accept this effect. 

Don’t get me wrong; I like a good sci-fi movie like anyone else. We are all prone to error and misremembering. If you can’t separate clear, logical facts from fiction, or admit that you are a fallible human being – that makes you ripe to fall into Mandela Hell yourself.

It is a proven fact that people do not remember events, places, and things correctly. If a person will not accept the facts or evidence showing they are wrong, scientifically, this is called confabulation. This effect and those who have fallen for it have convinced thousands of people (many of whom are Christians) that history or tangible pieces of evidence are not trustworthy. The disciples of this effect include books like bibles, concordances, and encyclopedias, where believers feel they can no longer research words found in the Scripture or the other texts itself. Essentially saying The Mandela Effect has gone back in time and changed everything supernaturally. It effectively takes away a person’s ability to search things out on their own if they believe those books are no longer correct and trustworthy.

Once in this mindset, it is extremely difficult to break free from its programming. Is this a high-level Psy-Ops or part of a mind-control experiment? God alone knows. The fact that major news outlets, shows like The X-Files and some of the major newspapers have since reported on it, leads me to believe it quite possibly is some form of a high-level Psy-Ops. As a believer in Jesus Christ, we are to be fully aware of the warnings found in the Scriptures.

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Eph. 6:12

When Jesus delivered me from Mandela Hell, I realized it was my memory that was faulty; I had to come to terms with the fact that I didn’t know as much as I thought I knew of the bible. So as I laid down my pride, it was then that I could see that the KJV bible had never changed

You might be asking what any of this has to do with the music I write. I had just written Trial by Fire, and a month later, I would fall into Mandela Hell. I then wrote, Eyes to See, which became my testimony song about my deliverance from The Mandela Effect. Even though my time in the effect was very brief (three months), it left scars upon my heart and caused a deep burden inside to help other people come to the truth about the effect as well as just what the KJV bible truly is; God’s preserved word for the English speaking people.  

The next song I would write was The Good Shepherd. A short story soon followed based on the song called The Good Shepherd and the Dragon. These songs and the short story are on the album The Good Shepherd.

Afshin Yaghtin – Editor and co-founder of Saved Magazine – has also spoken out against The Mandela Effect. I didn’t know him back in 2016, but after I was set free, I came across one of his videos from back then, speaking out about it, and mirrored it on my YouTube channel ‘A Standard Bearer”. It wouldn’t be until two years later, he and I would meet and become close personal friends. During an interview with me on his channel in 2018, regarding my time in Mandela Hell, he had this to say about my song The Good Shepherd – “It’s an amazing song, and it seems that the Lord is in that song; It’s His words backing up the scriptures. It’s all Jesus Christ.”

For my latest album, The Return of the King, I would again write two more songs speaking about The Mandela EffectDeliver Us is my heart’s cry unto God to continue to deliver more people out of this deception. 

Then returning to what led me into the effect in the first place, was the misquotation of Isaiah 11:6; I would then write the song The Wolf and the Lamb. This verse is what is used across the board to recruit thousands of disciples to believe in The Mandela Effect. The adherents mock and scorn this verse; they turn that glorious day when Jesus Christ returns to set up His kingdom into something evil and wicked. I felt so betrayed by what happened to me, and what has been done to the Scriptures I love so dearly, that I wanted to do right by the Lord and focus on that verse alone. Remaining faithful to how the KJV renders that verse (the wolf dwells not lays with the lamb), two versions then formed. The original has the spoken word of Isaiah 11:6 in the bridge of the song, and the reprise edition features Christian heavy metal band artist DAN who takes lead vocals. DAN also helped with the musical composition of both versions.

Below is the revised version of The Wolf and the Lamb. You can find both the original and the revised version on my latest album, The Return of the King.


I am so thankful to have been delivered out of The Mandela Effect and the Lord’s faithfulness to me; I still pray that He will continue to set more people free. I hope that these songs birthed out of my time in Mandela Hell will help lead other people out of that deception. I also pray for those who were never affected by The Mandela Effect, that these songs will uplift or inspire them in some other way in their lives.

If you liked both versions of The Wolf and the Lamb, you might consider checking out my brand new album, The Return of the King. Also available is my 2nd album, The Good Shepherd, or my debut album, Best Part of Me.


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