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Lorraine’s music has a modern-day Indie vibe, with a soulful feel of a classic lounge singer. Each line and phrase of her songs are intentional, without a measure wasted, as her vocal prowess shines through every note. She then adds her soft natural vibrato, as her voice floats across the music. Her songs are meant to uplift & encourage her listeners, as well as remind them of the salvation that comes only from Jesus Christ. Her ability to sing and write across multiple genres enables her music to reach those fans of Contemporary Christian, Latin, R&B, Pop, Soul, and Jazz. She has often been compared to Marina Elali, Olivia Newton-John, Kate Bush, Kathy Lee Gifford, and others like them. If your a fan of Contemporary Christian, Latin, R&B, Pop, Soul, and Jazz, then Lorraine is a must-have for your collection.

With her latest release, Lorraine helps her listeners forget about all the sorrow this world holds; and to once again be drawn to a place of hope, salvation, healing, and restoration. With all-new songs inspired with biblical lyrics that focus on the return of Jesus Christ, she brings in amazing collaboration talents from Christian heavy metal bands DAN and Sovereign Cross, as well as jazz artist Jordan Rogers – who is also her son. This album features her best work yet. The genres heard on this album are R&B, Jazz, Soul & the softer side of DAN and Sovereign Cross’s amazing heavy metal sound.

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