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 …because as editor & co-founder of Saved Magazine Afshin Yaghtin once said about the song “The Good Shepherd”: “It’s an amazing song, and it seems that the Lord is in that song. It’s His words backing up the scriptures. It’s all Jesus Christ.”


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Lorraine is a Contemporary Christian singer-songwriter whose vocal style has frequently been compared to such timeless Christian & Secular artists as Amy Grant, Olivia Newton-John, Kate Bush, and Kathy Lee Gifford. Lorraine will draw her listeners in with her soft, soothing vocals & her uplifting & biblically inspired lyrics. Her ability to sing and write across multiple genre platforms makes her music a “must-have” for fans of Contemporary Christian, R&B, Pop, and Jazz.

With her unique talent for lyric writing and her natural ear for music, her songs are meant to uplift & encourage her listeners to a place of hope, healing, and restoration from their brokenness. During the production of The Good Shepherd, her faith was severely tried and tested. It was during this time that she lost her mother to Pancreatic cancer. She would lose her father ten months later to stage 4 COPD after she started the production of her current album “The Return of the King.” From a place of sorrow, brokenness, and testing; Lorraine’s healing came through her songwriting and music creation. As many of her songs are a result of her trials and hardships, Lorraine’s only wish is that her songs will point her listeners back to the healing and restoration that is found in Jesus Christ.

So click the order button below to gain instant access to Lorraine’s album “The Good Shepherd” or order a personally signed CD today! For those requesting a personally signed CD, you will also receive “Behind the Music” that brings you along her journey and the stories behind the songs. She has also added two bonus tracks on this album. The 1st is a short fictional story (based on biblical principles) she wrote in conjunction with her song “The Good Shepherd.” The 2nd bonus track is a sneak peek of her 3rd album “The Return of the King” with one of the album singles, “The Wolf & The Lamb.” Be among the fans who are already raving about “The Wolf & the Lamb.” Check out all of Lorraine’s music today!

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Order Digital Copy NOW


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