The Next Generation of Musicians

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The Next Generation…

As parents, we always wish and hope that our children will fare better in this life than we did; we want them to excel beyond mere hopes and dreams. Through the years, I have seen all three of my sons (and a step-son) excel with exceptional musical abilities. I am quite blessed that the Lord has allowed the music that has coursed through my family’s veins, to continue down to my children. 

I can trace the musical gifts back to both of my parents. My mother’s father was a brilliant fiddle player and had an exceptional ear for music, and then to my own father’s amazing country-western vocal talents and his ability to reach so many people.

As a musician myself, there is no greater joy than seeing your children take after some of the dreams, goals, and talents that you have; I want my children to find their way and be who God created them to be – even if that road leads them in other areas that I have not walked. My wish is they will never forget who it is that always walks with them; I will not always be here, but Jesus Christ will always be with them.

My newest album The Return of the King features songs specifically written for my three grown sons as a legacy I want to leave for each of them; a message that will survive long after I am gone. My 2nd album, The Good Shepherd, also includes a song specifically written for my step-son, who, until in the last several years, had remained separated from his father for many years. There is no greater gift a parent can give their child (regardless of their age) then to remind them of who it is that loves them and walks with them – even more than I can, and that is Jesus Christ.

With the completion of my latest album, it’s an honor that my middle son is a featured artist on the album. He possesses a natural ear for music and the ability to learn new instruments rather quickly. His 1st instrument was the keyboard starting at about age 7. His incredible ear for music has allowed him to hear any song and learn to play it naturally. With his ability to learn new instruments, he is learning to play more songs on more instruments. He shared with me a new song he created on the keyboard in 2018; I was blown away at the simple beauty I heard, and I could hear a melody all throughout his song. It was a fantastic jazz piece; his genre of choice when creating new music. So, wanting to surprise him as a graduation gift from H.S. in 2019 (as he was a senior at the time), I wrote a song for him using the music he had created. The song would be something that he would always have with a special message to always remind him of who it is that will forever walk with him.

With my ability to sing across multiple genres, I was able to complement his musical piece with lyrics and harmony. DAN, who is my producer and an artist himself has counseled this young talented jazz artist on several occasions. He then did the final mixing of my graduation gift to him. It has been an absolute joy and honor to feature this up and coming jazz artist (but who is also my son) on my latest album, The Return of the King. I hope that mother and son will continue to complete many more pieces together before my time on earth is done.

Below is the music video to his fantastic jazz piece; together with the lyrics, tune, and harmony that I created, this is a song that any parent can bestow upon their child, as they enter into adulthood.


Lorraine – Right Where You Are Featuring Jordan Rogers


Jordan is continuing his education in the field of Graphic Designing, as he is quite a talented artist in addition to his musical abilities. My hope and dream for my son will always be that he goes after his dreams, and never gives up, but will always allow Jesus Christ to lead him.

If you enjoyed the song Right Where You Are featuring mother and son, it is available on my latest album, The Return of the King. The songs for my other two sons are also on The Return of the King album. The song I wrote for my step-son Daddy’s Here is on my 2nd album, The Good Shepherd, or you may wish to check out my debut album, Best Part of Me.

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