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 …because as Christian Author G. Susan Wilt said about Lorraine’s music: “Not many people can write songs AND put the musical tune to the words. She has talent! She has an extraordinary talent that would put her at the top of the line…”


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Lorraine is a Contemporary Christian singer-songwriter who has a modern-day Indie vibe, with a soulful feel of a classic lounge singer. Lorraine will draw her listeners in with her soft, soothing vocals & her uplifting & biblically inspired lyrics. Her ability to sing and write across multiple genres enables her music to reach those fans of Contemporary Christian, Latin, R&B, Pop, Soul, and Jazz. She has often been compared to Marina Elali, Olivia Newton-John, Kate Bush, Kathy Lee Gifford, and others like them. If your a fan of Contemporary Christian, Latin, R&B, Pop, Soul, and Jazz, then Lorraine is a must-have for your collection.

Her debut album features many unreleased songs with a specific focus on grief and loss as well as the blessings of having children. With her unique talent for lyric writing, her songs are meant to uplift & encourage her listeners to a place of hope, healing, and restoration from their brokenness. As many of her songs are a result of her trials and hardships, Lorraine’s songs will point her listeners back to the healing and restoration that is found in Jesus Christ.

So click the order button below to gain instant access to Lorraine’s debut album Best Part of Me today! You will also receive a copy of Behind the Music, as you journey along-side her and the stories behind the songs. Also on her debut album, is a bonus track from her new album, The Return of the King. She features the heavy metal band DAN, and their song Street East of the River. Lorraine and DAN sing a new version of this song as a duet, keeping the focus on Jesus Christ. Be among her fans who are already raving about this new rendition of DAN’S famous song. Be sure and check out all of Lorraine’s albums today!

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