I Am My Father’s Daughter

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I Am My Father’s Daughter… In the physical world, I told you my dad had hopes & dreams for me & my music; he tied his dream to mine. In the spiritual realm, my Heavenly Father has great plans for my life as well. I would now walk the final ten months with my earthly […]

God’s Timing Is Always Perfect

God's Timing


Perfect Timing… A wise woman once told me, God’s timing is always perfect. My mother told me these five very powerful words just hours after learning she had an inoperable form of cancer. These words might not seem like much; in the grander scope of things, when you look outside yourself & try to see through […]

His Dream Was Tied to Mine

My Father & I


  His Dream Was Tied to Mine I now want to take you on a journey with me; a voyage I will forever hold dear to my heart. This journey is the requiem of my childhood & my relationship with my biological father. The chronic health issues he faced would reduce me to ashes once again […]

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