A Mother Never Forgets

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A mother never forgets, a mother always loves…

As a mother, my deepest desire is that I will instill in my children godly wisdom, a hunger for truth, and a love for the Lord; my youngest son is just beginning that journey. 

God blessed me with three beautiful sons of my own, as well as a step-son. Parenting is one of the most rewarding yet challenging feats a parent will face in their life; it’s worth every stress-filled day and sleepless night you will face. Even when your child is grown, you never stop being a parent; you never stop worrying about and loving that child. The days of changing diapers and kissing ‘boo-boos’ will be exchanged for helping your child weather the harsh storms of life – even when they think you can’t possibly understand how they feel. Then, if you are fortunate enough, you will live on to see your child bring a brand new life into this world, which will yet again be another extension of yourself, as they have their own child.

I have yet to experience the joy of being a grandmother, and to know the kind of love you have for a grandchild; it is my most profound prayer that one day, I will enjoy many grandchildren. 

I frequently imagine what my mother experienced as a grandmother and the special relationship she had with all of her grandsons. I was the only one of my siblings that was able to give my parents grandchildren, and they loved my boys with the kind of love that can only come from God.

Before I got pregnant with my youngest son, I suffered a miscarriage early on in my pregnancy. I was devastated, as I desperately wanted another child; it was a desire that consumed me. Yet God would hear my cries and would give me my youngest son. Due to the recent loss, it was hard for me to bond with my unborn child for fear that I would lose him too. Yet, when he was born, and I held him in my arms, I could finally see that he was very much alive and well; the rift that kept me from bonding with my son was gone. I have carried a love so strong for this young man that will never end – no matter how old he gets.

My youngest son is almost out of high school and has plans to enter college; he has his whole life ahead of him. When I set out to write a song for each of my grown sons (or almost grown), I wanted to express a specific message to each one of them, based on who God had created them to be, and where they are at in their lives. 

My youngest son has a mind well beyond his years; he thinks and relates to things in his life that usually do not come to a person until they are much older and have had a lifetime to acquire that kind of wisdom. Yet, he is still a young man who needs to keep learning and growing; it is my job to always instruct him in the ways of the Lord, so he can grow in godly wisdom. He is also identical to his oldest brother and his father, with the same kind of stubborn streak and strong-willed personality. Raising a strong-willed child can be very challenging at times, as they are very determined within their mind to succeed at what whatever they put their hands too, and they always have to have the last word. My son is also an incredibly deep thinker, both philosophically, as well as spiritually. He ponders and thinks about things that I can barely put into words or even comprehend myself, things most seventeen-year-olds typically don’t think about. I know at this part of his journey, he is finding out who and what he believes; he now has to make his own way in this life. If I’ve done my job as a parent, I’ve taught him that trusting in Jesus Christ is the most important thing he can do and that Jesus will carry him through any storm.

As I stated in an earlier blog, my mother helped me raise my boys, and she, as well as I, made sure to train them up to know who the Lord Jesus Christ is and what His sacrifice on the cross meant for them; yet, I can only guide them on how to go. This choice has to be made by each of them; so, I leave them in God’s hands.

I can see all he is going through in this time of self-discovery, and the struggles he is facing. He is discovering that the things of this world are not meant to last and that there is suffering. Yet there is one who will never fail him, or leave him – one I’ve spent my entire life telling him about, and that is Jesus Christ.

Many times, having a conversation with him goes way beyond my comprehension, due to his deep intellectual thinking. As I watch him go through this time of self-discovery, how was I to express the most profound truth I have learned with him, and do so in a song? 

My youngest is a very gifted young man. Not only is he quite knowledgeable, but he is also discovering his own musical roots and love for music. He remains my most prominent critic and supporter of returning to music full time and on a professional level. It is for this reason, I can relate to him and with him through music. I can tell him in a song the simple yet most profound truth that he has yet to discover on his own.

With my new album, The Return of the King, I wanted to write a song for all my adult children, to speak to them right where they are. My youngest son’s song was by far the hardest to write; he is still searching and finding his way. So, as my mother did with me, I will do with him as well as all my children; I will remind them who it is that loves them, who died for them so they might live. I will put them in His hands, knowing that God’s promises do not come back null and void. That when God makes a promise, He keeps it. Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6. 

Now while I do feel this can mean having a godly moral character, I also believe that if you have trained up your child with the truth of who Jesus Christ is (even when he would be old), he will return to what he was taught. I claim this promise for all of my children. 

Below is the video of the song I wrote for my youngest son, Do You Remember. The song is a simple reminder never to forget what you learned in your youth. 


If you enjoyed this song, you will find it on my album, The Return of the King. You might also check out my 2nd album, The Good Shepherd, or my debut album, Best Part of Me.



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